Playing by the Rules During COVID-19

Chris Borrego, Program Director

As golfers know, playing by the rules during a round of golf is especially important and follows the First Tee core values of honesty and integrity, as well as, the PAR level life skill of Respecting the Rules. In 2020, we have had to put in an entirely different set of rules in order to safely have our Fall Tour Programs.

In many areas, golf was completely shut down for a period of time we made some significant shifts in our First Tee operations, as well as golfer behavior, to follow protocols.

With the help of Dr. Alan Randle (First Tee Level 1 Coach) and in consultation with the local and state health departments, we were able to formulate a plan to get the kids back out to First Tee. We changed the check-in procedures and implemented socially distanced circles, using cones for communication, to keep everyone safe. During the activities, they were spaced farther apart, and all kids and coaches wear face coverings. We used the “air” high five and lots of positive feedback to support our fellow players.