Q & A with Anitra Khoth, Eagle Participant

Recently our program director, chris borrego, Sat down with lincoln high school junior and Eagle participant of the first tee anitra khoth.

How did you get started with the First Tee?

I was introduced to The First Tee when my dad’s friend had mentioned it to him after fi nding out that my brother and I were starting to play golf.

What core value do you most identify with and why?

Perseverance would identify me the best since I have a strong urge to keep going no matter what obstacle comes my way. Through thick and thin, I will never stop striving for my goals since nothing is impossible to achieve.

What was or is your favorite level in the First Tee Program?

In my opinion, I love all levels of The First Tee Program, but Eagle level is my favorite since we are able to be our leaders and choose our own formats of golf. We are able to take charge of what we want to do, but of course, apply The First Tee life skill that is specifi cally assigned that week. Also, it is diverse because depending on the week, we are on the course or on the range.

Now on to this year, it was quite a year … You won a few times on the JGANC tour and had some good fi nishes on the NCGA junior tour. What was your favorite event on those tours?

For JGANC, I would say the George Maroney Junior Tournament, not because I won overall, but because I was able to persevere throughout the two rounds I played there. I did not know the course and was able to get around tough situations and it played longer than it says since elevation became a huge factor in club selection. For NCGA, it would be the tournament held at Dark Horse GC since I competed with many tough competitors and the course gave no mercy, which allowed me to work harder for the score that I strived to have on each hole.

Does having teammates in the First Tee Program help the team?

I strongly agree that having teammates in The First Tee Program helps the team since we are able to play with one another to see each others’ weaknesses and strengths which helps with giving each other advice. We are able to see what one another needs to work on more and to most defi nitely learn something from one another as we play on the course. Also, we are defi nitely applying the life skills that we have learned throughout the program levels to our golf game at the same time.

What things have coaches told you over the years that have stuck most with you, whether it be about golf or life?

Coaches have always told me to keep striving for my goals and to never allow someone to tell me that I am not capable of doing something. They have told me to always have confi dence in everything that I do and to always be open minded with anything that anyone has to tell me even if it may not be helpful. Also, to never give up golf since they see a lot of potential in me and would hate to see me stop doing something that could be life-changing someday.

What are your plans after high school?

After high school, I want to attend a 4-year college and play on the women’s golf team while studying to become a pharmacist, and hopefully open my own business someday. Afterwards, I would love to become a professional golfer and play on the LPGA Tour until it is time for me to retire!